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Welcome to Advanced Seminar .net! Currently, available sections are limited. We are preparing for launching LoIS, Self-Learning Site.

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+ Some Math Review Tests are now available.
: Math curriculum given by high schools in the USA does not cover all the fundamental areas
in Math. If you are to choose science and technology for your major fields, you need to lay the
___ solid foundations through extensive exercises over all the fundamental areas.

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Regarding Coronavirus:
For coronavirus pandemic,
1°. Keep 'social distancing' — at least 3m radius.
   Wear a face mask.
2°. Practice 'hygene'
  — wash hands frequently at least 25sec.
3°. Do not follow myth
  — follow scientific common sense.

Announcement 1

_Web Lecture has started and going on. We feel almost the same presence as in the class. Web White board is incorporated, too, for Math & Science
to promote better understanding.
--- If you are interested in participation, send inquiry e-mail to info@

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